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Yes, the title totally needs all the caps it can get, because



I'll be there from the end of Jan till the end of July. So 6 months!
I'll be placed in a rotation system and will most probably do some Merchandising and Quick Food services (so food in the park itself, maybe even a hotdog cart haha).
It will be ROASTING hot there so I'll probably end up dead ... or maybe just red or something haha. But SO EXCITED.

I'll also be enrolled at the Central Michigan University as it cooperates with Disney World. That means that I'll have to go to classes for like 2-4 hours a week. This includes Essays and such, which will give me credits. And that will result into getting a certificate yay.

That's it for now. I still can't believe it!!

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Green Day [19/10/2009]

Green Day
October 19th 2009, S.E.C.C. Glasgow, UK

First I’ll start with some side notes (as this will be quite necessary to know lol):
- I have been waiting to see them for years.
- It took me 3 hours, by coach/bus to get to Glasgow.
- I saw Enter Shikari the 18th.
- I have had a cold for days already.

I got in Glasgow around 2pm, went to the hotel, checked in, went to the McDonalds to have a late lunch/early dinner. And off I went on a 30 min walk from the Union Street to the S.E.C.C. Once I got there I was looking for a queue like every person would do at 4pm. But there was no queue… WRONG. There was a queue inside, you hear me, inside! Not a very large queue, but at least I was waiting inside with a friggin’ heating on way too hot. But at least it’s better than waiting outside in the rain. The heat made me more sleepy than I already was though, not good.

At around 18.15 the doors went open, a little bit earlier than planned, I didn’t mind. It was all really organized, although I pretty much ran through the hall to get a nice spot, I got 3rd row, knowing that I wouldn’t survive long as I started to feel more sick than I already did [was it the McDonalds, the stupid cold pills, tension or just a combination of it?.. anyway]. I’d just stay there and see how long I’ll manage it. The hall started to fill up and at 7pm it was time for Prima Donna. I had no idea what to expect, it was quite good, but it wasn’t Green Day. An hour later, so at 8pm it WAS time for Green Day, and how!

Song of the Century started to play on the background, people started to scream, fireworks and of course the GUYS. After all these years of waiting I couldn’t believe it that they were actually out there, in front of me. Once it hit me that they actually were there, I was just so happy.

The setlist:

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I sadly only made it till St. Jimmy / Boulevard of Broken Dreams, then I really had to get out, the shoving, the heat and elbows everywhere and such don’t help when you don’t feel well. Thank god for toilets. [a] Then I got water, bought a shirt, and went back rocking out to Hitchin’ A Ride!
I love their crowd interaction. They had people on stage to sing along, to help to spray the crowd with a supersoaker, it’s not something you’d expect from a band who’s actually quite big, I don’t see Coldplay doing that to be honest. [Nothing against Coldplay, just an example]. Billie Joe also TPed the crowd and shot T-shirts into the crowd, even the back rows!

So to recap it all into one word: EPIC.
The fact that they actually played a lot of old songs made it definitely more worth it to me as I’m still not really into their last album. But the way that they delivered the show, I’ll surely listen to that album and all the other albums a lot more!

If you ever get a chance to see them, go!


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Come to think of it, if their Halloween show isn’t sold out yet, I’m seriously thinking about going, if I can afford it though haha.

another update of other happenings will come soon, I don't want to 'spam' your flist right now ;]
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Writer's Block: Concert mania

What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?
There's a few bands I'd really love to see:

Green Day, that will finally happen in 13 days, after missing out on them in '05. It's going to be a 2.5 hours train travel, disappointed in the support, but it's just going to be EPIC.
Foo Fighters, I'd travel for them if I'd have the time and money. I've travelled for 'less important' bands already.
Blink-182: THEY'RE BACK, who doesn't want to see them? I've seen them all separately [+44/Angels&Airwaves] now I want the see them as a whole.
Disturbed, I just keep on missing out on them, either they clash with different concerts, or they end up on wrong days or sell out :[
Nickelback, go on, kill me.

That's just the bigger bands. There's still smaller bands I'd love to see, and a hell of a lot of bands I'd love to see again.
Matthew Tuck

Writer's Block: Most memorable concert

What was the most memorable concert you ever attended? What made it so magical?
It's a tough one, seeing as I've been to way to many concerts.

I've had my share of magical moments;

- The Doors of the 21st Century/Riders On The Storm at a belgian festival. And when they started to play Riders On The Storm it started to rain. That was just amazing.

- Being able to see 4 of my favourite band on one evening at a concert; Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine & Trivium. Just the whole evening and the whole experience were amazing. And when Metallica played Die, Die My Darling they did that with Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold. It was amazing to witniss, Kirk in his Trivium shirt <3 And Matt Heafy noticed my trivium shirt and he gave me a thumb up =D I'll so never forget that.

And there's like so much more; getting stagedived on by Ian Watkins, Jared Leto, William Francis and so on. And pretty much getting Pete Wentz' crotch in your face. That was just a hilarious wtf moment. No worries he had his pants on though! ;]

There's probably more. but I can't think of that right now.
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it's so surreal,
being on ohnotheydidnt  last night reading that MJ was taken to the hospital and all the different stating different things, on some he was dead on some he wasn't. I actually decided to go to bed when LJ couldn't handle the posts anymore.
And then you wake up, realising and reading that he didn't make it.
It's not a surprise, but it's just surreal.

So this morning, or just earlier really, I was watching tv with Sharon, who moved in here this week, and we both we're like 'this is surreal'.

It's just strange. He was an amazing entertainer and singer. And most of all a kid at heart. (: forget all the other, bad, things about him. He's not worth it.


William Francis singing

Manchester trip + Aiden gig report.

June 5th- June 7th 2009.

Me and my random trips to the UK, will that ever stop? Probably, once I live there.

Anyways, I had to get up early on Friday, June 5th, because I had to help with some shit at school. Meaning; teaching little kids some etiquette. BORING. And this was the 2nd day already. The TV crew was there, I didn’t make it on tv though! So I have been told. I could watch it, as I would be on a plane.

After that it was time for an English class, which meant: presentation time. I thought that I sucked, I forgot most things, just a massive failure. But the teacher said it was alright?! Strange shit, but I don’t care.

Class finished a bit earlier, so got home on time, tried to take a nap, which didn’t work. Packed my final luggage and drove to Weeze, to the airport. It took me about an hour, which wasn’t to bad. I found a parking space near the entrance (yay) and I could check in right away. Then it was time to wait. And lawl, what a tiny ass airport this is. There wasn’t a lot to do, so I just ate something and read a book. Then it already was time to get on the plane and fly off to my favourite city in the UK; Manchester.

Once I got there, things went pretty fast, got my bag right away. That’s what you get when you’ve to walk a lot to get to the luggage thing. Then I saw Kerry (bananasplit ) right away (: and we headed to the hotel. It rained, some evil accident happened on the high way… car upside down. Not cool. Then I checked in, gave Kerry some ‘stroopwafels’ (Dutch cookie). We walked around for a bit and got a drink at the train station! Then it was time to say goodbye and we’d be seeing each other again the next day! Aiden day! But before I went to bed I went to Tesco’s to buy some food. Yay for 11pm closing times.

The next day I walked around Manchester, spend some time in the HMV stores and FOPP. I ended up buying 2 CDs at HMV: Knives – Aiden & The Best In Town – The Blackout. Could’ve been more, but I didn’t want to spend too much. Then I walked past the Hard Rock Café but that was closed, or well empty, so I didn’t bother to get in. So I just walked around some more, got back to the hotel, ate, watched TV and went back to the Hard Rock Café later on. Got my dad a hurricane glass, he collects them. And went to Tesco’s again, for something sweet and something to drink. Then I decided to join the Aiden queue. There already had been people there since 11am. I saw them when I lurked there. I was like; ‘Nuh, I don’t want to queue already’. I’m not that bad. So I joined around 4pm. I recognized some people but couldn’t be bothered to walk up to them, and guess what, they came up to me later. Had to show my tattoo ;]. Got some promo CDs from the street teams that were there. And finally around 6pm it was time to get in. I couldn’t find the wardrobe so kept my bag with me (hate it, annoying as hell). And the first band, Idiom was already playing. They weren’t to bad really. I felt like I had already heard of this band before, but I have no idea. Then the stage was made ready for Young Guns, they’re pretty good, actually. I only expected Tonight Is Goodbye to play, but they apparently pulled out of the tour, because of family issues. Come to think of it, they probably weren’t the best choice to be on tour with Aiden anyway… not that I’d have mind to see them!

And then finally the stage was made ready for Aiden. After not seeing them for 7+ months, I was excited to see them again, knowing that the UK crowd would be crazier than the Dutch one made it even better.

The started of with The Last Sunrise followed by Die Romantic! The place went nuts! Aiden played a lot of new songs and a very few old songs. It was a pretty short set to be honest. I expected more. But I’ll just blame the early curfew (9pm). Other songs they played, which I can remember: We Sleep Forever, Let The Right One In, Teenage Queen, Black Market Hell, Killing Machine, Crusifiction, Scavengers Of The Damned, The Asylum and last but not least I Set My Friends On Fire.
During the last song, I Set My Friend On Fire, they had the Wall Of Death! Before all that William had taken his shirt off, how long have I waited for that? Haha. Sorry. And during the wall of death I was like everywhere. And William jumped in the crowd x_x. It was so awesome. The whole show was. I have seen every part of the venue thanks to the crowd. It was epic.

Then I looked for Kerry and I found her, I got a nice shirt, and we waited for the band, I just wanted to give William some stroopwafels. But we had to go outside, so we did, waited for a while and then they were outside. I waited for the teenies to bugger off a little. Then William was escorted to the taxi and I pretty much shoved the stroopwafels (they pretty much survived the moshing) in his hand! And just said ‘a nice present from Holland’ and he said ‘thanks’ and smiled. He apparently had to go and see Oasis, thank you twitter. Since it was like 10pm now, we went to a fish and chip shop and ate something. And I must say that Dutch/Belgian fries > English chips. But that’s probably because I’m used to that. I’ll need to get used to the food there! Or make my own! Anywayssss, drifting off. After our late food stop we went back to the hotel, and we said goodbye and we’ll hopefully see each other again in Madrid (if I can get days off) or else there’ll be some future shows in Scotland or England! Now I just better get accepted in the RGU!

Then next day I had to get up around 8am, too early for me. I was dead tired. I got ready, packed my stuff together, checked out and walked to the train station. I had my first train ride in the UK =D loved it. I’m so lame. A nice long walk through the airport again, could check in right away. And then waited, bought a book, and waited.
Then it was time to leave Manchester again.

So I had an amazing time and I’d just really like to thank Kerry for picking me up and having me around really =D You’re awesome! And next time your work will hopefully be nice. ;]

Pictures will be posted later, as they need to be tagged.
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It's been a year. Been too busy with other stuff; school and work basically.

So a few random 'new' ones:

[3] Josh Hartnett
[3] Jake Gyllenhaal
[1] Ashton Kutcher
[3] Colin Farrell
[6] William Francis [Aiden/William Control]
[3] Manchester United
[3] Matthew Sanders / M. Shadows [Avenged Sevenfold]
[5] Matthew Tuck / Matt [Bullet For My Valentine]


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